7th International Conference
on Romani Linguistics
Anthropological Perspectives on the Romani Language


14–16, 2006


Thursday, September 14

8:30 registration
9:00 Opening
chairing 9:30–11:00 Elena Marušiaková & Veselin Popov
Session 1: Romani in contact and in discourse
9:30 Yaron Matras (Manchester) A contrast language? Toward a theory of Romani linguistic hybridity
10:00 Markéta Hajská, Ondřej Poduška (Prague) Interdialectal code switching and the maintainance of social prestige
10:30 Corinna Leschber (Frankfurt/Oder) A Romany cryptolect: context of use and the structure of the lexicon
11:00 coffee break
chairing 11:30–13:00 Barbara Schrammel
11:30 Olga Abramenko (St. Petersburg) Oath and damnation in oral practice of Russka and Lotfitka Roma
Session 2: Romani origins and Romani groups
12:00 Peter Bakker (Aarhus) Genetics and genetic linguistics: Roma and Romani
12:30 Elena Marušiaková, Veselin Popov (Sofia) The Gypsy group ethnonyms and professionyms
13:00 lunch break
chairing 14:30–16:00 Peter Bakker
14:30 Giuseppe Beluschi Fabeni (Granada) Roma Korturare, kaj žanas le verdonenca: some ethnographical answers to the Romani Dialectological Survey
Session 3: Romani (and Bayash) standardisation
15:00 Dieter W. Halwachs, Gerd Ambrosch (Graz) Burgenland Romani: ten years after…
15:30 Alexander Rusakov (St. Petersburg) The Soviet Standard Romani language of 1920s–1930s: linguistic characteristics in a socio-cultural context
16:00 coffee break
chairing 16:30–17:30 Dieter W. Halwachs
16:30 Annemarie Sorescu Marinković (Belgrade) The elaboration of a Bayash dictionary in Serbia: problems and possibilities
17:00 Day 1 discussion
17:30 end of day 1

Friday, September 15

9:30 start of day 2
chairing 9:30–11:00 Yaron Matras
Session 4: Para-Romani
9:30 Charlotte Jones, Hazel Gardner, Veronica Schulman (Manchester) Anglo-Romani
10:00 Javier Fuentes Cañizares (Madrid) New lexical perspectives on Caló
10:30 Ignasi-Xavier Adiego (Barcelona) The oldest attestation of the Romani language in Spain: the Aucto del finamiento de Jacob (16th century)
11:00 coffee break
chairing 11:30–13:00 Birgit Igla
Session 5: Romani grammar
11:30 Evelina Grigorova (Sofia) ‘Building elements’ of the Romanes speech rhythm (Sofia Erli)
12:00 Irene Sechidou (Thessaloniki) The formation and development of prepositions in Romani
12:30 Vít Bubeník (St. John’s) On the expression of spatio-temporal locations in Slovak Romani [read by Y. Matras]
13:00 lunch break
chairing 14:30–16:00 Jan Červenka
14:30 Norbert Boretzky (Bochum) The personal pronoun of the 3rd person in Romani [read by B. Igla]
15:00 Toshiaki Ayukawa (Nagoya) Demonstrative ‘the other’ in Romani
15:30 Birgit Igla (Sofia) The renarrative mood in Sliven Romani
16:00 coffee break
chairing 16:30–18:30 Victor A. Friedman
16:30 Barbara Schrammel (Graz, Manchester) From valency to aktionsart: the marker -ker- in East Slovak Romani
17:00 Jan Červenka (Prague) Iterative bi-verbal collocations in the North Central Romani dialects of Liptov: an earlier stage of synthetic iteratives?
17:30 Veronica Schulman (Manchester) The system of loan verb markers (LVM) in Sofades Romani (Greece)
18:00 Day 2 discussion
18:30 end of day 2

Saturday, September 16

9:30 start of day 3
chairing 9:30–11:00 Irene Sechidou
Session 6: Romani dialectology
9:30 Victor A. Friedman (Chicago) Romani dialectology from the perspective of Turkish
10:00 Viktor Elšík (Prague) Romani dialectology of a microregion: the ‘transitional’ North-South Central Romani dialects of Gemer, Slovakia
10:30 Peter Wagner (Prague) Lexicon of two Romani dialects acquired after a distinct contact history in a common language space
11:00 coffee break
chairing 11:30–13:00 Alexander Rusakov
11:30 Anton Tenser (Manchester) Romani dialects in Ukraine and Moldova: reconciling linguistic and ethnographic data
12:00 Lev N. Čerenkov (Moscow) Who are the Lithuanian Roma?
[read by E. Marušiaková & V. Popov]
Session 7: Database presentations
12:30 Chris White, Yaron Matras (Manchester) RMS: latest developments
13:00 lunch break
chairing 14:30–16:00 Anton Tenser
14:30 Dieter W. Halwachs, Gerd Ambrosch (Graz) ROMLEX: new developments
15:00 Dieter W. Halwachs
and his team (Graz)
ROMTEXT: an electronic text resource
15:30 Jan Červenka, Jiří Pos, Daniel Žák (Prague) The Prague Romani database
16:00 coffee break
chairing 16:30–17:30 Viktor Elšík
16:30 Day 3 and final discussion
17:30 end of day 3
19:00 evening programme

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